A different hurt A strike from within Invisible blood Woe 'neath the skin Abstract torture But no less pain Thriving venom Throughout the veins Conflict spawned A wounded soul Once in part But now the whole Unclearly seen Still life will stagger Still torment felt Like a piercing dagger   Poem by Anomalant  


Tranquil elegance Steady, no rush Firm, sustained Graceful brush Wintry ground Spotted, full Sheet of skin Blanket of wool Constant, pure Glorious white Land, once dim Now glistening, bright Grandeur revealed Dispersed all o'er Homeland dear Beauty adored   Poem by Anomalant  


Like the people roaming ‘round, Just shadows to blanket this world, Who are spirits without sound? Just liars who take on dead forms...   Always to haunt, Never to flaunt, You are their hunt, You're what they want, Leaving no trace, Ones without grace, Waiting for pain, They tend to reign...   Poem by stotski


Oh, said I that rose bushes Never die? Or that the lonely flower Tends to lie About her fair elegance?   ‘Fore the rose e’er prov’n her red She realized; Dead stem with a crimson bud For one’s prized Heart inside this centerpiece,   The bush of red ruby roses Stripped so meek; Surely death … Continue reading Beautiful


Echoes bouncing off these walls, Saying something I can’t understand— Noises running through the halls, Choking something I’m unfit to know.   People walking in these lands, Loving something I can’t even see— Pages shifting through the sands, Drowning something I’m not one to save.   Shadows dancing ‘round these eyes, Hiding something I can’t … Continue reading Why?