Your Light (song)

© stotski Horizons all in the utter darkness, The cloudy time’s returning… Collision with the bleeding bitterness, I’m wanting back my fight, I’m taking back your light.   Goodbye lying shadow, You’ve fallen short of love, Goodbye ruined shadow, You’ve broken me enough.   Dedicate my life to shining brightness, The sunny days are coming... … Continue reading Your Light (song)


High above the ground, Soaring o'er beauty Free of all worries, Free of all pain.   Dancing in the sky With a generous breeze, A tender wind, A majestic sun.   No more restraint Amongst the clouds, Even the birds look And marvel...   Glorious wonder, Glorious sight, I'll always remember Such a glorious flight. … Continue reading Flight


Over pools of pain She wanders, looking Nowhere but in front, Hating life, she walks   Further down her path, Lies believe in hate, Biting, tearing, ripping All her hopes and dreams.   Down her cheek it streaks, Drips of tortured past To stain eternally, life Has lied, and now she cries.   This is … Continue reading Cry